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How to choose the best underwear?

Undergarments are clothes that are worn next to the skin and hence in a way are closest to our body. They keep our body protected from the harsh outer wear and also protect outer garments from being soiled by bodily secretions and discharges. Due to all these reasons, innerwear must be of the best quality possible as they are the ones that remain in direct contact with the body for the maximum time. Ideally, one must actually buy the best material to be worn as innerwear but we hardly think about it this way. Ironically, majority of the men don’t mind spending a lot of money in buying their fashionable outerwear but when it comes to innerwear they do otherwise. It’s very surprising to know that men don’t think much while buying one of the most essential products for themselves
Things to remember while buying men’s underwear:

1.    Right Size- Know your size better
Comfort is very important when it comes to underwear and it will be there only when the right underwear will be worn. Your life will be unpleasant by squashing, pulling and pinching underwear and it should be avoided or else you will always be in pain. While choosing underpants, compare the waist with the provided size charts. Choose the best size that fits you or you can also ask the store keeper or helper to help you in case you don’t know which size might fit you.

2.    Quality-most important factor
As you search for the best piece of men’s underwear, you must search for quality fabrics. Remember fabrics sometimes cause a lot of discomfort while wearing, more so if it feels awful, does not breathe, sweat inducing and scratchy. Hence, the fabric of innerwear has to be ultra-soft and something that allows the skin to breathe. Try to go for the combed cotton inners as they absorb the sweat and are very smooth on the skin too.

3.    Styles- wear your styles
You must choose a style or cut that works for your body. There has to be a right mix of style and comfort. If you want to feel relaxed and comfortable, you surely want them to be stylish too in some way. Traditionally, men wear the same type of briefs their fathers wore, and as a habit, they continued the same throughout the entire lives. Today, fashion has become an increasingly important factor in men’s lives, and purchasing the right underwear is a decision that might require some more thought. According to the ultimate underwear survey, 57% of men prefer briefs, 18% prefer tight boxers, and 29% prefer roomy boxers. What we are suggesting is that style and comfort should go hand in hand and you must choose a comfortable product that goes as per your style.

4.    Tightness- tight elastic can be suffocating
Make sure you have looked into the elastic bands tightness. Tight elastic bands constrict a person. Some underwear has too tight elastic band and could constrict the blood flow or even cause skin irritation. In case undergarments leave marks on the body once you have removed them, discard them right away. The best pieces of men’s underwear should not bring discomfort or leave marks on the bodies after wearing them.