Expert Advice


You can wear vests or t-shirts for a number of reasons: for warmth, for hygiene or for style. Although every man has a different reason for sporting an undershirt, certain guidelines and tips of wearing them are essential.

Here’s the 4-step guide.

1.       Color that blends
When deciding to wear a vest or t-shirt, underneath your outer shirt, your goal should always be invisibility. White is the often the most common choice. However, few gray and black options around is also good to have. The idea very clearly is to pick a color that will blend in the most and be least visible.

2.       Quality counts
Often cheap quality vests & t-shirts have thicker cotton and have even thicker neck and arm seams. These features will most likely appear as fairly visible under clothing. A smarter choice is to spend a few extra bucks and get better quality vests and t-shirts that are thinner and have subtler seams


3.       Style Wise
The next choice is crew neck or V-neck- both available in a choice of half-sleeves and sleeveless. This is a pretty easy one. If you are wearing a shirt and tie, with the shirt buttoned up all the way, go with crew neck. If you plan to leave a button or two undone, go with V-neck. Note that there are different sized necks, from a high-cut V-neck to a deep V-neck. Also, opt for a sleeveless on a hot sunny day because a good ribbed cotton sleeveless vest will absorb the sweat, eliminating sweat patches on your outer shirt. Pick the one to suit your style.On the other hand, muscle tanks tops, also known as gym vests are suitable for the gym, beach or can simply be worn on a warm summer day with a pair of jeans. Perfect for sun and surf, a gym vest with bold colors is the awesome way to complete your swim look.

4.       Fit is fit
Many men do not realize the importance of fit. If your vest is too tight, you’ll be uncomfortable all day. On the other hand, if it’s too large, you’ll become irritated with the excess material around the sleeves, bottom and sides of the shirt. In a nutshell, your vest should fit comfortably but snugly. It will add less bulk that way, and make it less visible.