How to Identify Original Lux Products?


It can be hard to tell the difference between genuine Lux innerwear and fakes. Counterfeit Lux products may look like the real thing, with what appear to be genuine tags, 3D hologram and even a free pen!

Counterfeits or FAKE LUX products lead to lack of durability, comfort and even skin irritation. So, why compromise???

Remember, counterfeit or fake goods go hand-in-hand with criminality, bad quality and identity theft. In order to protect your interest, we have taken additional measures so that you can identify original Lux easily.


   For more information, take a look at this video

3 Simple steps to indentify Original Lux
Scratch the card to find
12 digit unique pin
SMS <12 digit unique PIN> TO 38353
FREE SMS for all networks
Ensure you send the SMS at the point
of purchase to confirm that your
product is original
Receive an instant SMS
confirming you are buying
Original Lux Premium pack